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Ka Tutandike works to end child malnutrition

Hunger is the way a person's body signals that it needs to eat, and malnutrition is a lack of the right nutrients in the body.  Over 56,000 children under the age of 5 die each year in Uganda from nutrition-related causes. About one-quarter of the population is unable to secure adequate food for all or part of the year. This exciting three way partnership is giving market parents in Kampala the skills and knowledge they need to grow and provide nutritious foods for their children.

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Trustee of Ka Tutandike Trust UK addresses Nigerian President and Cabinet on Nigeria's National Day

There were moments when I thought this was a dream. It could not be real. Maybe I was being lured to Nigeria as part of some 419 scam. I was being asked – sounded out rather – to come to Nigeria to give the main speech on Nigeria’s National Day. Furthermore it seemed to be at the request of the President. Indeed he and his entire government would be in the audience. As the emails began to flow faster and longer it did indeed seem to be true.

A few months ago I got a call asking me to sign 40 copies of my book to be sent to Nigeria. President Goodluck Jonathan had read the chapter on Nigeria and wanted to give copies to all his cabinet. I was naturally flattered but I did wonder whether he was saying: “This is a brilliant analysis of the Nigerian situation” or “My God, see what people out there are saying about us. We had better do something about it!”

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Ka Tutandike Uganda and Ka Tutandike Trust UK formalized in Uganda

On 20 August 2011 key representatives from Ka Tutandike Uganda (KTU) and Ka Tutandike Trust UK (KTTUK) signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two bodies that provides a common reference point and a useful guide to the collaboration between KTTUK and KTU in the strategic direction and management of KTU. This Agreement is considered as a binding document towards the smooth functioning of roles and responsibilities assigned to both parties.  The purpose and aim of this partnership is to develop a broad, transparent and effective working relationship and mutual understanding that will enable both organisations to respond efficiently and effectively to meet the mandate of KTU in the period covering 2011 – 2014.

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Uganda National Coalition for the Deaf (UNCD) submits recommendations to Uganda’s new Special Needs Education (SNE) Policy

Following the National Symposium on Education of the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Child in Uganda held from 15 - 17 August at Munyonyo resort in Kampala, Ka Tutandike was invited to meet with the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Hon. Syda Bbumba on 18 August as well as the Ministers of State for Elderly and Disability and for Higher Education Hon. Sulaiman Madada and Hon. John C. Muyingo respectively.

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First ever Uganda National Coalition for the Deaf launched in Kampala

The Uganda National Coalition for the Deaf (UNCD) was officially launched on 15 August at the Speke Resort, Munyonyo in Kampala.  UNCD is the only network of organisations working on deafness in Uganda that has been established to work in partnership, unity and collaboration to protect the rights of the Deaf and integrate them into mainstream development. 

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Recommendations for the education of the Deaf will be sowed on fertile ground by the Government

Over 100 people including representatives from Government, civil society, parents and teachers of Deaf children, national, regional and international disability organisations working on deafness met in Kampala from 15 – 17 August to discuss the best way forward towards the education of the Deaf child in Uganda.  This was the first ever key forum in Uganda that focused on the issue of education for the Deaf.

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Ka Tutandike publishes new Organisational Profile



Ka Tutandike meets with Ugandan MPs representing Persons with Disabilities

Hon. Alex Ndeezi MP, Uganda's first Deaf Member of Parliament & Executive Director, Uganda National Association for the Deaf convened a meeting for Ka Tutandike and MPs representing persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Uganda at Parliament House last week.  The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the national symposium on identifying best educational methods for the education of the Deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing Child in Uganda, to be held from 15 – 17 August. The MPs were unanimous in endorsing their fullest support and cooperation towards the event and actively mobilising measures to ensure that the recommendations from the symposium are followed upon at Government level towards relevant policy formulation.

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Ka Tutandike facilitates Vocational Training for Out-of-School Deaf Youth

On 3 August Ka Tutandike initiated a three-day residential Vocational Training Programme for several out-of-school young Deaf persons from Masaka at the Uganda National Association for the Deaf (UNAD).  The Deaf youth (male and female) received training in jewellery making as well as hairdressing, beauty treatments and facial care. This training was conducted by professional trainers in these areas in response to requests made by Deaf youth who wished to learn vocational skills in order for them to begin income generating activities that would provide them some form of subsistence or livelihood.

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Announcement: Competition for artists and designers to develop new logo for Deafness Coalition

The National Coalition of organisations working on Deafness in Uganda – led by Ka Tutandike Uganda will be officially launched on 15 August 2011 to coincide with the inaugeration of the National Symposium on Education for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing Child in Uganda - also on the same day.

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