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Musa Mukwaya is a 3 year old child with disabilities. By the time Ka Tutandike Uganda and Mwana Mugimu (health unit at Mulago National Referral Hospital) started monitoring his growth in May, Musa weighed 12.5 kilograms.  This prompted the staff from Mwana Mugimu to refer him to Kiswa Hospital.  Kiswa Hospital is the first point of call for cases of malnutrition from the urban markets project.  Musa’s health deteriorated and he registered a drop in weight to 9.5 kilograms.  This prompted Mwana Mugimu to refer him to their Unit at the national referral hospital in Mulago.  At Mulago he was taken care of for two weeks and moved from a state where he was hospitalized and bedridden to a point where he could be attended to from home.   He is now back at home and there is close monitoring of his health by the social/ health worker, Mwana Mugimu and Ka Tutandike Uganda.

In May, 2011, Edisa Bakita a one year old was severely malnourished and then got burnt while she was in the market, where her mother makes a living.  Today, through the intervention of the Urban Markets Project, there is hope for Edisa.  With the care she got from Mwana Mugimu nutrition unit along with the training that her mother received in nutrition, Edisa can now lead a healthy life.   Edisa’s mother Mariam says. “I am excited that I can now take my child to the day care centre out of the dangerous cooking areas in the market”.   The two day care centres that Ka Tutandike Uganda supports bring hope to close 300 children like Edisa, whose parents work in and around Nakawa market.