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He is a 14 year old pupil in Kyambogo Primary School in Star class which is for special needs students. He is the second born in his family. His father has died and Wilson lives with his mother.

Wilson’s mother says that she never had any problems while she was pregnant. He never had any major complications as a child such as malaria at any stages of growth. When he was three years he was an able child who did everything done by children in his age group. When he turned five years the mother discovered that he had challenges with talking and took Wilson to hospital to get him help and address the problem. Some procedures were conducted but the problem was not identified successfully.

When they failed to diagnose the problem he was referred to Butabika Hospital where cases relating to mental health are traeted. He was diagnosed with a learning disorder known as an intellectual impairment which the doctors call dyslexia and results in poor speech.

Despite his speech impairment Wilson loves reading and loves to be given books to read at home. He enjoys the company of Miriam the intern at Ka Tutandike Uganda. Miriam’s presence at his school makes his day complete. Recently in the reading week for all the three schools, he was identified as one of the special needs pupil who displays great confidence and takes an active lead with the Ka Tutandike reading activities. He was among the children who received a book as a gift from Ka Tutandike.

Wilson says, ”I am so glad that Ka Tutandike provides me with books to read at home” He has told Miriam that he reads the books with his mother and that she too is very happy to read with him.