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At the beginning of 2011, Tutandike Uganda started working with the Mwana Mugimu nutrition Unit at the national referral hospital.  It was due to the good work they were doing in terms of supporting children 6 months -8 years, whose parents work in and around Nakawa, that Government agreed to work with Ka Tutandike in the area of nutrition.  For purposes of implementation, the Unit has availed Ka Tutandike Uganda with a nutritionist and a doctor.   Mwana Mugimu conducted a growth monitoring baseline activity during which time the middle upper arm circumference, weight and height of 400 children under the Urban markets project were taken.

The findings showed that though most of the children were healthy, two children were severely mal-nourished while 12 were mildly malnourished. [The difference between severe and mild mal-nutrition lies in the mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) measurement. For MUAC of 11.5cm -11.9cm, the child is considered to be severely malnourished; for MUAC of 12cm-12.9cm the child is considered to be mildly malnourished. Anything above 13cm is normal.]

Following this exercise, Mwana Mugimu organized a training that was attended by over 60 parents. Four months down the road, we have started reaping from the training that was conducted in May.  Parents now appreciate that locally available foods are not only cheaper but also contain the nutrients that their children need to grow.  Prior to this, information gathered by Ka Tutandike showed that many of the parents thought that foods like chips and biscuits or packed food items were more sophisticated and better for the child.

Thanks to the practical training, the parents also prepare meals in such a way that nutrients are not lost.  The children’s food items are also stored in more hygienic ways.  Ka Tutandike is also happy since all the malnourished children are now healthy.  Plans are underway to formalize the referral system between the markets and Mulago national referral hospital and Kiswa Health Centre.