Katutandike - Let's Get Started - Transforming Lives in Uganda


Ka Tutandike looks towards using more and more of the locally available resources to sustain its programmes.  Under the Literacy Programme, Ka Tutandike continues to work with local partners such as Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the district and school authorities to ensure that the programmes continue even after KTU interventions are phased out.  Ka Tutandike also works closely with parents, religious leaders and young Ugandan volunteers, who will help sustain the project.

More and more parents are volunteering to tell stories to the pupils during school reading days and events.  This practice excites and also encourages the children and they begin opening up more to their parents.  This is a first step towards getting reading in to the homes and also the communities.  Parents have also been encouraged to supply children with materials for making diaries locally.  Materials supplied range from seeds and dried plants to banana fibre and bits of cloth that are left over after making clothes.  With the help of volunteers from Ugandan universities, the children have managed to make these locally available materials in to beautiful diaries.