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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Jiingo as the new Chair of KTU. Our out-going Chair, Irene Mutumba stepped down in July from the role after completing her dynamic tenure in this role since 2012. Irene has nominated for Stephen to take on the reins as the new Chair as he has been a proactive KTU Board member since his appointment in 2012.

Stephen is a labour and employment specialist with over 10 years of professional expertise in labour legislation, policy & advocacy, disability, industrial relations, entrepreneurship, gender, and governance. He has management expertise in marketing, public relations, communications and corporate social responsibility. He holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Mass Communication and a Masters in Labour and Development.


Ka Tutandike Uganda and Ka Tutandike Trust UK extend our deepest gratitude to Irene for her committed leadership and strategic direction given to the restructuring and growth of KTU, and for her valuable input towards the establishment of its social enterprise – KATU Honey. She will remain as a close ‘friend of Ka Tutandike’.

We also thank Enid Nambuya who has also stepped down after completing her term of office at KTU for her support and guidance as a member of the KTU Board since 2012

Ka Tutandike Uganda remains firmly committed and responsive to its strategic mandate – to protect the rights and well-being of marginalized and vulnerable children via its Early Childhood Development interventions, whilst economically empowering their mothers and their communities (including the disabled) through the scaling up of its Social Enterprise - KaTu Honey.